Become a Friends of SDG17 ambassador

Since your view on UN SDG17 and how to make use of them are in line with how Friends of SDG17 sees it, we want to ask if you would like to become an ambassador of Friends of SDG17?

Friends of SDG17 is a community that strives to be the world’s largest community promoting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG17). We connect people, who believe in sustainability, who share a passion for the SDG17 goals and want to make a difference by joining up in a community with likeminded people.

Being an ambassador involves:

  • A free membership of Friends of SDG17
  • A profile on our site as a Friend of the Friends.
  • You have to render that you are an ambassador for Friends of SDG17 on your SOMEs. E.g. add the title as “Ambassador for Friends of SDG17” on your LinkedIn profile.
  • You contribute in spreading the knowledge and information about Friends of SDG17.
  • You will be able to hand out ten memberships to people in your network that you believe would be able to make a difference when it comes to promoting sustainability.
  • You can recommend people to be nominated as an ambassador
  • You can publish letters, articles and other contributions about UN SDG17 on our news site and our SOMEs.

It is our expectation that Friends of SDG17 will open for registration by 1 September and we expect that our ambassadors will announce their positions at Friends of SDG17 around that time.


Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment